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State's Horses Threatened by Early EEE Outbreak
WESH-TV | March 31, 2006

Dunny got the West Nile virus and almost died 1 year ago. The animal lost 300 pounds during her illness.

Beetle 'Epidemic' Rends Northwest Forests
ABC News | March 23, 2006

A mountain pine beetle is seen on the tip of forester Cal Wettstein's knife during the examination of trees in the White River National Forest....

Pests may make Ohio ash trees a dying breed
Akron Beacon Journal | March 28, 2006

...in the same way that earlier insect pests destroyed billions of Dutch elm and chestnut trees.

Insects in soil a treasure-trove: UN report
The Age | March 23, 2006
Worms, bacteria and beetles living below ground are part of the largest and least known treasure-trove of life on earth.

Aussie Frog Enlisted in Battle Against Mossies
AFP | February 23, 2006

A Bottle-Green Australian Frog may hold the key to the next generation of mosquito repellents.

With Growing Frequency, Bedbugs Bite. From Dorms to Fancy Hotels, Bloodsuckers make comeback
The Post and Courier | February 15, 2006

Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite. If only it were that simple. Bedbugs, the stealthly bloodsuckers our parents warned us about, are making a comeback in America.

From the Field at Purdue Day Four: Social Ants and New Invaders Pose Problems

Pest Control | January 13, 2006

What are you willing to do to be successful? Almost anything, hopefully - because that's the answer ants and new invading pests would have if asked the question.

Neighborhood has gone to the bugs / Researchers test insect-fighting technologies
San Francisco Chronicle | January 15, 2006

Some neighbors call it the bughouse because an estimated 70,000 or more bugs live inside the place, tucked away here in a residential neighborhood.

New Possibilities To Fight Pests With Biological Means
Biocom | January 17, 2006

... are known to release scents after insect damage, thus attracting the enemies of their enemies. Scientists term this mechanism "indirect defence". A previous cooperation by the ...

Birds and Bees Can't Keep Up
Fox news | January 17, 2006

"Many plants rely on insects and other pollen vectors to reproduce," said Jana Vamosi , a post-doctoral research associate in the University of Calgary's Department of ...

First Demonstration Of 'Teaching' In Non-human Animals: Ants Teach By Running In Tandem
Science Daily | January 13, 2006

The pheromone trail laid down by an "Aphaenogaster rudis" ant to help the ant and its ...