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Inscent is a technology development, gene discovery, and functional genomics company dedicated to the identification and refinement of novel, small molecules for application in the control of biological organisms, principally insect pest populations.

There are currently over 1.5 million named, known species of living organisms in the world, and half of them are insects. Many millions of additional insect species are believed to remain unidentified. Insects are thus the most varied animals on Earth. These diverse creatures present a paradox: in many instances they are pests in agriculture or the home and even pose a serious threat to public health by transmitting a host of diseases, yet they also possess a natural chemosensory system that provides tremendous potential for technological advancements in a wide variety of areas.

Inscent, Inc. was founded to capitalize on this important natural resource with immediate applications in areas ranging from insect pest control products to commercial pharmaceutical production and design, disease control products and sensor products for manufacturing, quality control, military, and homeland security applications. Insects are keenly aware of their environment because of their extremely sensitive chemosensory systems, and many important aspects of their behavior rely on tastes and odors. For example, feeding, mating, and selecting a place to deposit eggs all rely on chemosensory stimuli. In fact, the variety of insects is surpassed only by the sheer number of tastes and odors they can detect. The rich molecular diversity present in the chemosensory systems of millions of insect species represents an untapped resource with lucrative applications in areas of pharmaceutical production and chemical detection. Since odors and tastes profoundly influence insect behavior, the molecules and processes involved in the chemosensory pathways are also ideal targets for the development of novel, more effective insect control products.

Inscent's goal is a world where agricultural producers have options beyond insecticides in their arsenal against insect pests, homeowners no longer have to cover their homes with gas-filled tents to temporarily eliminate termites, and people can use an improved insect repellant that can effectively deter disease-carrying mosquitoes. Inscent is committed to developing a new paradigm for insect pest control: supplementing the present generation of insecticides with a series of environmentally safe products that are uniquely targeted to individual pest species. These products complement existing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) schemes while protecting the environment and users alike.